Release This Demon
The Power We're Dealing With
Always Somewhere Higher
Watch The World Change
My Rig's A Little Sweet Thang, Betty
Every Hour Of Every Day
Rise Ever Higher
With Ever Increasing Scale
Caught In A Moment
The Watch Tower
Forever Silent
So Close/ The Finish Line
I Feel It Coming In Waves
The Road To Nowhere
Darkness In The Haze
Hold The Light
A Bridge In Bronze
Rise Against The Night
Down The Line
Should I Leave My Place Of Safety?
What Exists At The End Of The World?
Left Behind
Brace For Arrival in 3 2 1
Hiding In The Rafters Of A City
Withdrawn From All Those Lives
Top Of The World
Everything I Imagined Was Wrong
By Brick And Shattered Glass
Alone In The Dark
We Are Being Watched
Reaching Beyond Our Grasp
Meandering Through My Mind
The Settling Star
In Dying Light